A Scholarship for a New Generation

A Scholarship for a New Generation

Group News posted in on 1 December 2017| comments
audience: Cleveland Foundation | last updated: 1 December 2017

As we approach the season of giving, we're highlighting important new initiatives and generous donors who give back to the community with their time, talent, and drive.

One unique -- and important -- new initiative is the John Sullivan Wilson Family Fund of the Cleveland Foundation. It is sponsoring the Scholarship for a New Generation.

Helping Low-Income Students and Immigrants Succeed

The scholarship is awarded to outstanding, low-income immigrant and first generation U.S. citizens in Greater Cleveland entering a four-year college or university. It recognizes the creativity, strength and diversity that immigrants throughout our history have brought — and will continue to contribute — to Greater Cleveland and our nation. College Now will administer the scholarship and also provide a mentor to support those selected through their four year academic career.

Why is this important?

This scholarship provides students with the critical financial support needed to attain college degrees. They will better their futures—and contribute to a stronger, more vibrant Cleveland community.

Only about 15% of adults in Cleveland have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 33% in the U.S. The Cleveland area also has over 100,000 foreign-born residents that contribute more than $1 billion in state and federal taxes – and have $3.2 billion in spending power.

Mr. Wilson, born and raised in Cleveland, deeply believes in the power of education as a foundation for success. Education enriches the lives of our students, their families, and communities. These students will contribute to business, science, the arts & culture, government, and all parts of our society going forward.

You Can Help

Can you help immigrant and first generation students in the Cleveland area achieve success in our community? Support the John Sullivan Wilson Family Fund of the Cleveland Foundation online.

Want to Apply?

Are you a student? Learn how to apply to this scholarship. For further information please contact Bob Durham at RDurham@collegenowgc.org or Kittie Warshawsky at KWarshawsky@collegenowgc.org.

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