Almanac: Prominent U.S. Living Donors

Almanac: Prominent U.S. Living Donors

Article posted in General on 26 July 2017| 2 comments
audience: National Publication | last updated: 28 July 2017


This section of the Almanac focuses on famous givers in US history. Surprising and compelling stories abound.

There is no way to say with certainty who America’s top living donors are today. Many philanthropic gifts are made quietly, even anonymously, and are never widely known.

Givers who make lots of moderate-size contributions also tend to be less visible—even though they may give away larger total sums than persons who get noticed for one or two huge donations.

So the 149 names that follow should not be considered the final, definitive universe of America’s top donors. However, the lion’s share of our nation’s most generous and influential living practitioners of philanthropy are listed here.

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Re: Almanac: Prominent U.S. Living Donors

Don't see any of the Trump Administration billionaires on this list.

Re: Almanac: Prominent U.S. Living Donors

Oh good grief! I think he has about 3 billionaires in his cabinet. I don't see Obama's billionaire cabinet member on the list either.

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