The Family Trust Rescue Service

The Family Trust Rescue Service

Article posted in Values-Based on 24 March 2015| comments
audience: National Publication, Daniel P Felix - The Professional Trustee | last updated: 27 March 2015


Trusts often face various stresses. An outside trustee may help alleviate many of the common issues trustees are unable to resolve.

The loss of a loved one to disability or death too often turns into a bigger family crisis.

Sometimes the crisis involves a Troubled Trustee: a fiduciary who just doesn’t fit the family.

Whatever the reason, the crisis can even degenerate into litigation: family members suing each other in court.

Responding to the needs of families in crisis, we’ve created the Family Trust Rescue Service™.

We help calm the crisis by bringing impartial, independent, and thoughtful professional expertise.   We can tend to both the financial legal specifics as well as the emotional family dynamics.

We’ve steadied many who were in distress – and prevented families on the brink of litigation from falling in.

For more details, or to contact us, click here.

The Professional Trustee  Helping families stay together through tough times.

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